What Is The Difference Between Fulani And Tribal Braids?

What Is The Difference Between Fulani And Tribal Braids?

When it comes to braided hairstyles, there are many different options to choose from. Fulani and tribal braids are two popular choices, but what is the difference between them? Keep reading to find out!

Fulani braids

Fulani braids are named after the Fulani people of Africa, see this full story, who are known for their intricate and beautiful braiding styles. Fulani braids are typically very thick and can be worn in a variety of ways. They can be styled as a full head of braids, or you can leave out some of the strands to create a more subtle look.

Tribal braids

Tribal braids are named for their resemblance to the traditional braiding styles of indigenous tribes around the world. Tribal braids are typically thinner than Fulani braids and can be worn in a variety of styles as well. You can style them as a full head of braids, or braid them into a single plait.

So, what’s the difference?

The main difference between Fulani and tribal braids is thickness. Fulani braids are thicker and more dramatic, while tribal braids are thinner and more subtle. Both styles are beautiful and can create a very unique look, so it really comes down to personal preference.

Can you put Fulani braids in a ponytail?

Yes, you can put Fulani braids in a ponytail. However, it is important to note that the thicker Fulani braids may be too bulky to fit into a traditional ponytail holder. In this case, you may need to use a hairband or an elastic headband to hold them in place.
fulani hairstyle

Some Ideas Fulani Braids Hairstyles

You can see the full list of great Fulani braids ideas here, we will just list a few of them.

  • Fulani braids with a free-flowing ponytail
  • Fulani braids with a headband
  • Fulani braids with curls
  • Fulani braids with a braid crown
  • Fulani braids with shaved sides

How many packs of hair do you need for Fulani braids?

Typically, you will need two to three packs of hair to do Fulani braids. However, it is important to note that the number of packs you need may vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair. If you have very long or thick hair, you may need more packs of hair to complete the style.

How long do Fulani braids last?

Fulani braids typically last for two to three weeks, but they can last up to four weeks if you take care of them properly. To make sure your Fulani braids last as long as possible, be sure to brush and condition them regularly. You may also want to use a hair serum or oil to keep them looking shiny and healthy.

Final Thoughts

Fulani and tribal braids are two beautiful and unique styles that can add a lot of personality to your look. Whether you choose Fulani braids or tribal braids, be sure to take care of them properly so they last as long as possible. Thanks for reading!