Hi, I’m Yvonne, the founder and owner of The F-Word Magazine. This is where I share my personal style, my life, fashion, health, travel and things that I love.

I’m 45 and I do have a passion for travel. I am a professional blogger, turning what once was originally a hobby, into a career. I founded The F-Word Magazine in 2008 and I absolutely love what I do, it’s allowed me to create a community here online where I have developed friendships and connections with so many people. It comes from a place of love and I honestly don’t think I could be without fashion or blogging now! I’m the very proud owner of The F-Word Magazine which is dedicated to everything denim, but I also use social media as everyday, so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for exclusive photos, videos and updates in real time.

I have got to meet some amazing people and readers through blogging though and you all make everything worthwhile. I can’t thank my fans/readers enough for that. I have been so grateful for everything so far and I really look forward to seeing what the future holds. I hope you all enjoy The F-Word Magazine as blogging is my love and being able to share it with you means a lot to me! Yvonne=) xx.